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Deep down we all want to live in a good relationship with God, but we know that throughout history it's not always been easy! Fortunately there are countless examples of those who have managed it in tough circumstances..and have done so joyfully! This weekend we will look at the lives of some of these people, from characters in the Bible, to saints, and those living today, and by how God's grace they are transformed. Then  we can go out strengthened in faith, joyful that we know our loving God is there for us in challenging times, and better equipped to live amazing lives!

If you've been to Summer Camp, come join us for a refreshing weekend of teaching, fellowship, prayer and fun. Learn about your Catholic faith, ask the questions you want answers to, have time for conversation with God and to receive the sacraments, and enjoy the peace/fun/joy of a weekend with FTF and The Dominican Sisters of St Joseph! 


It will be like a FTF Summer Camp in miniature, without the need to camp. Instead we will be staying in the priory itself. Spaces are limited though so please book your place using this simple form ASAP. We will then send a confirmation email.

  • Starts 6:30pm 17th November

  • Ends 4:30pm 19th November

  • For ages 12 - 18

  • Previous FTF event attendees only.*

  • Location: St Dominic's Priory, SO41 8NH

  • Sleeping arrangements: Shared rooms in the priory itself. Bring your own sleeping bag, mat and pillow.

  • Lifts to/from local train stations can be arranged.

  • Please bring your own YouCat or CCC if you have one.

  • Cost: £70

* If you have a friend (who you've been praying for and would like to invite) who has never been to an FTF event but you think could benefit from the weekend, let us know that you would like to invite them. You must also attend to be their guide!

Get in Contact



If you have any questions please email

*Places are allocated on a first-come-first-served basis, and with limited space we have to work out room arrangements carefully, so please look out for a confirmation may not come immediately after your booking is received!


If paying by bank transfer please pay for the weekend by 10th November.
If paying with cash please bring payment for the start of the weekend. 

Preferred payment is by BACS:

Account name: FTF Account

Account no: 67237065
Sort Code 08-92-99


Payment reference 'surname'-RE23. eg. Jones-RE23


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