About us

Who we are

Fanning The Flame is a Catholic Mission reaching out to children, youth, young adults and adults. If asked to sum up in one phrase what Fanning the Flame is we would respond: "It is a school of God's love in action".


There are no criteria for being involved with Fanning the Flame other than wanting to be involved. If you want to deepen and express your faith, or if you have no faith at all and you just want to know more, you’re welcome!

Whoever you are an wherever you come from, it is our prayer that by getting involved you will know yourself a bit more, and grow in confidence to share what you are becoming with family, friends, schoolmates, neighbours, colleagues…

Jesus commanded us to "Love one another as I have loved you". Fanning The Flame is just one of the means in the Church today where we are trying to enable that command to become a reality for all.

Interested? Check out our upcoming events or send us a message!

What we do

We mainly organise two types of events: regular youth group meetings during school term, and camps during the holidays.


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During camps and meetings we enjoy spending time together, with many fun activities such as games, arts and crafts, music, etc. We also spend time praying, learning about the faith and celebrating the sacraments (mass, confession).

Adults or young people, all are welcome!

See what's happening in your area or drop us a line to ask how you can get involved.